Client for Excel in the Windows Store

We would like to share with you our new application for work with Excel documents.

Client for Excel – App for convenient Work with Excel documents!

Are you tired of searching of the application that allows you to work with Excel documents on your Windows 8.1 device? – You just need to try the new Client for Excel.

Client for Excel is designed specifically to work with .xls and .xlsx files.

Using this app you can view, create, edit, and delete Excel documents very easy.

User-friendly interface allows you to create Tables Excel, fill various reports and edit your documents without much effort.

In addition, Client for Excel has a modern design, and the development team of this program is gonna improve its functionality.

Enjoy working with documents with Client for Excel!


  • View and create documents in formats .xls, .xlsx.
  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Excel.
  • Support of formulas (basic formulas are added on the panel: Sum, Average, Count Numbers, Max, Min).
  • Ability to copy / paste, moving the cell, area, rows, columns.
  • Delete the contents of the columns, rows, cells; remove sheets.
  • Ability to merge cells.
  • Formatting a document:
  • Sort the contents of the sheet
  • Support for different fonts
  • Change the text size and color of text and background
  • Alignment of the text on the vertical and horizontal directions
  • Underline, bold, italic text
  • The allocation of boundaries
  • Full support of the touch.
  • Print and Print to PDF.

Client for Excel in the Windows Store


Chrome Extension for Automatic Price Comparison and Coupons

Now no more time waste on searching for coupons on websites have irritating popup and opening tabs with hidden coupon codes. The extension will get you best money saving coupon codes automatically. Here are the features you get.

Price Comparison

The extension will get you best money saving coupon codes automatically. Go to any product page on Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon etc and PriceTree will get you best  price and variation from all e-commerce stores in India.


Now no more time waste on searching for coupons on websites have hidden coupon codes. PriceTree will get you coupon codes automatically for maximum saving for 1500+ websites.

Price Drop Alerts

Create price drop alert on you favorite product to get notification when price changed or the item go on sale.

Install the extension and do share your feedback(if you find it Awesome, Up-vote on Quora) and we will make sure to improve for better shopping comparison experience and grow money on trees(PriceTree).

Download PriceTree Chrome Extension

Logo Quiz HD Pro for Windows Phone

Guess the brands with #1 Logo Quiz on Windows Phone!

Logo Quiz Pro is a free game full of fun where you guess the names of lots of logos/brands from different companies.
In our day to day lives we come accross various company logos every day and everywhere.
On TV, walking along the street, in magazines … simply everywhere!

How many brand logos can you guess/recall?
A lot of logos available for you to guess in many exciting levels.

The app has more than 1 000 000 downloads around the world!

★ Lots and Lots of logos and a small size of the application!
★ Exciting levels!
★ Multiple languages support!
★ Learn more about brands after correctly guessing!
★ Frequent application updates!
New Extra Levels are available now!
Compare your answers with your friends! Challenge them to see who knows more logos!

Download the app from Store.

RAR & ZIP Reader for Windows Phone 8.1

RAR & ZIP Reader is an important tool for your Windows Phone!

RAR & ZIP Reader is designed specially for people who like a really quality software. And rest assured that this archiver has all you need!

Firstly, this archiver allows you to quickly perform zipping and unzipping operations, allowing you to save your own time. And also the degree of compression of files after creating an archive will be the maximum that will significantly increase the speed of file transfer.

Secondly, RAR & ZIP Reader has the support of a large number of really topical formats, and this is very important for good archiver.

Third, you can create and extract archives very easy without much effort, because RAR & ZIP Reader has a user-friendly interface.

Fourth, using RAR & ZIP Reader you get a number of needed features for the archiver. Functionality of this archiver allows to work with multivolume archives, extract and create password-protected archives, configure compression when creating an archive, extract not only the entire archive, but also selected files. In general RAR & ZIP Reader has all the required features that allow you to work with files really comfortable.

And in the fifth, this app has a modern design that will make its use even more enjoyable for you.

If you need high-quality application to work with file archives, you definitely need to try RAR & ZIP Reader. This app will be another important element in your Windows Phone collections.

Download the app from Store.