Discover Relevant Tips to Provide a Great Mobile User Experience

As more and more people are using mobile devices, mobile app development has become increasingly refined. The proliferation of Smartphones and tablet devices has brought a whole new generation of developers who are ready to go all out to market their apps aggressively. However, as people become more habitual of mobile devices and more comfortable using apps, webmasters need to continuously look for ways to make their development successful.

Designing for mobile- whether it’s a native app or web app- it’s the user experience that matters a lot. A good user experience is extremely crucial for the success of any app. As more and more apps hitting the Google Play or Apple store, app users are becoming highly sensitive to a poor experience on mobile devices and are less likely to forgive apps which frustrate them. Webmasters must pay attention this aspect and thus develop accordingly. They need to understand the good and bad recipes of a design and their impact on the user experience.

If you are designing for mobile, here are some key tips and tricks which you might consider to please your audience and thus make your mobile development venture a success.

1. Giving Users Specific Hints

Being associated with a mobile app development services provider, if you are designing for mobile devices which are smaller than desktop don’t overwhelm your users with a lot of information. Use progressive disclosures technique to help users maintain their focus and attention in your design. Give users specific hints about the actions they can take to discover content they are actually looking for. Don’t give them truckload of information at once. Instead, give them opportunity to explore the content as per their needs. A good mobile device design must have the ability to strip down all the essential elements, because you have limited time to grab the user’s attention.

2. Pay Attention to the Information Structure










Here we are talking about the functionality as well as the content organized within a structure that’s relevant for the user to consume whatever is being provided on the web page. The structure basically consists of search, navigation, and labeling. To achieve an appropriate structure on the mobile design, make sure you give optimum labeling to the major features and content of your landing page and arrange it as per the user needs. Pay attention to the navigation requirements of the targeted device. Also, providing navigational direction will help users to explore the website or app better. Additionally providing links and navigation with comprehensive labels will help you provide a delightful user experience.

3. Respect Your Touch Screen Users

As we know that on mobile users are only equipped with fingers and not with mouse to click so, it’s extremely important to make things easy to tap. This is something which helps your audience to have a pleasurable mobile viewing experience. Additionally, fingers are much flatter, so adjust your elements accordingly. Make buttons, links or any other touch target bigger. Also assign touch targets with a considerable amount of margin or space. This would allow users to tap effortlessly with a finger. At least give 10px of margin can be assigned around the target.

4. Get the Design Right









The layout and design of your website on mobile is what you should pay attention to while planning to build it. A website with a poor mobile design will only frustrate your users. So, it is recommended to spend some time and money to get a high-quality website. A top-notch design means a design which is easy to scan, and conveys information instantly. Also, pay attention to give a uniform appearance to your visuals with the help of color and typography. Your mobile website design should be formulated in such a manner that it guides its users throughout, interact with them, and helps them to complete the task.

5. Plan a Logical Mobile Navigation

Mobile users boast less patience as compared to the desktop users. Users can access their mobiles anytime, anywhere. Therefore, it is crucial to design a framework which complements their situation and context. Your user might be walking down the lane, waiting for the bus or taxi, or standing in a crowded place or so on. While your job is to ensure a good user engagement on your site, a complicated framework in the form of complicated navigation, drop-down menus will only make them feel irritated.

Your navigation should be simple and be able to provide information with just few clicks. You can also leverage the benefits of site analytics to locate the search queries your users prominently look for, and display the information accordingly.


User experience is an essential aspect for the success of your website or app designed for mobile. Having a mobile-friendly website should be the top-priority and this is something which you can achieved by determining what your user want and how they want it.

AppFeds: the Windows App Store search tool for users and developers

Microsoft’s Windows app store is experiencing an explosion in number of apps. According to VentureBeat, the number of apps on Windows store increased from 130,000 apps in December, 2013 to 187,000 apps in November, 2014. Thus, if you are Windows app user, you would be overwhelmed finding the best apps. Similarly, if you are a Windows app developer, you would find it very important to get app analytics and statistics for the purpose of making the most wanted apps. Whether you are the former or the latter, you will greatly benefit from using AppFeds with useful features as follows.


There are many useful features provided by AppFeds for Windows app users to take advantage of for free. For example, users can search and filter apps; see the most updated statistics on Windows store apps; track search terms; read app reviews, ratings and app rankings, and more.

Filter Apps

AppFeds contains easy-to-use features for filtering and searching for apps. You can search for the newest, cheapest, or trending apps in the app categories that you choose. My favorite feature is searching for apps with price drops. Who doesn’t like good deals? Admit it! You do, too.


Top List

Stay updated with the most current app ranks in Windows store. AppFeds provides the app rankings that are constantly updated on a daily basis. In addition to the app rankings, other information you can get from this chart are the changing of the apps’ rankings, the number of days the apps are in the top, and the peak rankings, along with their ratings and prices.




AppFeds provides the most current statistics on the Windows app store. Various important data such as the numbers of app in different categories, app market share, types of apps, and more are updated and provided for the US market.

App Rankings for Search Terms

If you are a Windows app developer, you can register for an account on AppFeds and have access to the Search Monitoring feature which allows you to track the app rankings for your search term. For example, if you search for the term “Youtube,” you will see which apps rank at which position for this term.

Why AppFeds?

The Windows store doesn’t provide the most user-friendly or customizable interface for users and developers to search, filter apps and get app analytics and statistics. That’s why AppFeds comes to the rescue. In addition, users can be assured with the reliability and scalability of the statistics provided by AppFeds, given the fact that 165,973 apps and 1,458,055 reviews are currently indexed from the Windows app store across the US market. AppFeds is even soon expanding its service to cover other markets worldwide. If you need to be more convinced, why not register an account for free and check out the service?

How to Improve Security of your Windows Phone?

Microsoft’s Windows phone continues to evolve and grow in the hope of gaining market traction. While Windows phone slowly makes its way in a market dominated by Apple, Android and Google, it still has a long battle in terms of winning over users. There is no denying that Windows phones are gaining a reputation as the most secure mobile phone. Windows phones experience fewer problems with malware concerns compared to Google’s Android.

But not all malware is designed to make quick cash or financial gains. Some programs steal your personal information, like confidential passwords, browsing preferences or geographical location.

Take a quick look at the following pointers to keep your Windows phone secure:

Stay updated

Just like you install security updates for your computer, install all updates for your phone and for the apps on your phone. Remember, your phone works the best when it is running the latest updates from Microsoft. When you see a notification on your phone that an update is available, download and install it. Enable automatic updates or accept updates when prompted from your operating system provider, device manufacturer, or app provider.

Permission level matters

Don’t just click through the permissions level while installing a new application with applying any thought. During the installation process, read through the permission section before agreeing to the app’s terms. Stay away from app seeking permission to do anything that seems odd. This is one way of identifying potential threat. Be extremely cautious about granting access to private information or allowing application to perform functions on your phone. Always check the privacy settings for each app before installing.

Say no to dubious sources

Whether streamlining social networking or flipping through TV channels, apps can do nearly everything these days. Always stay away from dubious apps and install apps from trusted source. For a Windows phone, install apps from Marketplace. This ensures that any app you install has been digitally signed, reducing risk and increasing safety of your phone.

Rise above the temptation of freebies

Free Wi-Fi network is easy to lure many users into a trap. While accessing a Wi-Fi network open to the public, your phone becomes a vulnerable target for cyber criminals. Avoid use of public hotspots and use Wi-Fi from trusted network operator. Quintessentially, you minimize risk associated with personal or sensitive information. Be cautious about suspicious looking web links asking you to enter log-in credentials.

Windows provide a host of features enabled to keep your phone secure. However, users need to take precautions and make their devices as secure as possible. Here are few apps to enhance security on your Windows Phone.


Get this easy-to-use password manager and data vault for your Windows Phone. Keeper allows you to organize and access your passwords, create strong passwords, as well as auto-fill and remember new passwords. With this app, you can enjoy complete peace of mind with military AES encryption and unlimited storage on Keeper’s Cloud Security Vault.

Download Keeper

Secure Photo Gallery

Now protect your personal photos and videos with Secure Photo Gallery. This app password-protects your photos and videos, lets you view and edit your personal photos and watch videos from its secure interface.

Download Secure Photo Gallery

eWallet GO!

eWallet GO! is perfect for storing your credit cards, usernames, PINS and more.

This app acts as your secure information manager and lets you save your company credit card info in both a ‘Credit Cards’ and ‘Work’ category if needed. No more second guesses. You’ll have all your vital information at your fingertips and available anywhere.

Download eWallet Go!

Best Phone Security

Are you tired of family and friends sneaking in your phone when you are away? Not anymore. This innovative app activates alarms and catches intruders red handed when they enter wrong password. Best is yet to come. Intruder’s location will be stored. There is no running away from the attempt to intrude.

Download Best Phone Security

AVG Family Safety

Worried about the safety of your kids? This is a perfect parental access app that protects children from inappropriate sites, phishing sites and malicious sites trying to steal personal data. You can customize the list of allowed and blocked sites, monitor the online activity on different devices, as well as block social networking and other sites. With this app, you can travel an extra mile to protect your family.

Download AVG Family Safety

Wrapping Up

Mobile threats may be nerve-racking, but ultimately everything boils down to being smart about using your device. With rising mobile crime rate, staying updated is your best bet for staying protected in a mobile world.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post (write a guest post) and we don’t assure you of the authenticity of the apps suggested in it.