• CricScoreGAE

    App Engine backend for obtaining cricket scores (0 watchers)

  • Gauge-Control

    How to Build a Gauge Control for Universal Windows App. (0 watchers)

  • LocalToast

    Displaying local toast notifications in Windows Phone 8.1 app (0 watchers)

  • SampleUniversalApp

    This project will be used to demonstrate various features that can be implemented in a Universal Windows app (0 watchers)

  • Shared-Theme-Resources

    Using Resource Dictionary to store reusable Styles and DataTemplates is a clean way of building an app. (0 watchers)

  • Tab-View-WP

    Implementing Tab View in Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 (0 watchers)

  • Tuts-Mobile-Services-Demo

    This tutorial shows you how to add a cloud-based backend service to a universal Windows app using Azure Mobile Services. (0 watchers)

  • Wrap-Grid-WP

    Wrap Grid with Variable Sized Items for Windows Phone 8.1 (0 watchers)