How to integrate a Toolkit or Third party SDK with windows phone app using NuGet Package Manager

Toolkit provides the developer community with new components, functionality, and an efficient way to help shape product development. Certain controls and features are not provided by Microsoft for which we basically use Third party SDK.

We can integrate them with our project in a easy way with the help of NuGet Package Manager. Here are certain steps which needs to be followed for adding a toolkit or Third Party SDK.

1. There are two ways by which you can open the NuGet Package Manager window in your app.

Method 1

First one is to go to the menu bar and click on Project->Manage NuGet Packages

Method 2

Second way is to go to the Solution Explorer Window and right click on the project name and Choose Manage NuGet Packages.

2. Then the following screen appears before you.

3. Here you can search online for the toolkit or the SDK you wish to add and install it easily. For example I wish to add Windows Phone toolkit I can easily do it through this method.

4. Another method to install a SDK or toolkit is by directly adding their .dll file in the project. We can do this by going to Solution explorer window.

Then go to the References option given under the project . Right click on it and then choose the option add reference.

Then the following windows will appear before you.

Here you can add the extension dll files or you can choose it from your computer with the help of Browse option.

5. If you face any error while installation of the toolkit or SDK. The possible error might be that your NuGet Package is not up to date. You need to update the NuGet Package Manager before you add any toolkit or SDK. You can easily update it by going on the header menu and Choosing Tools->Extensions and Updates.

6. Then choose the update option in the Window that appears before you and see whether your NuGet package Manager is up to date or not.

In the above Windows there is no update for NuGet Package Manger.