Series Introduction: Building a Universal Windows app using MVVM pattern

I am starting a new series to help you get started with Universal Windows app development. If you take care of a few things then you could save a lot of time while building a Universal app. Almost all the code can be shared and only the UI needs to be built separately. Even the UI can be shared. In this series I will touching upon a lot of small things that can be used while building the app.

We will be following MVVM design pattern as much as possible. I will strive to have zero code behind and all the code in ViewModel itself. Getting started with MVVM has a bit of learning curve involved but I think it’s best to follow MVVM while building a universal Windows app. I will keep updating this article with link to other parts of the series as I cover them.

Universal Windows App Project Setup

Universal Windows App Project File Structure

How to Check for Network Availability in Universal Windows apps

Application Data in Universal Windows Apps

How to Display Local Toast in Universal Windows Apps

Using Shared Theme Resources in Universal Windows Apps

How to Build a Gauge Control for Universal Windows App

Vivek Maskara

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