Working with Azure Mobile Services in Windows Phone 8.1

This this program how to create our Azure Mobile Service JavaScript on Windows Azure. We hope by reading this tutorial you will be able to create your Azure Mobile services.

Step 1: Create a new mobile service

Log into the Management Portal. At the bottom of the navigation pane, click +NEW. Expand Compute and Mobile Service, then click Create.

Step 2: Create a Mobile service

In the Create a Mobile Service dialog, select Create a free 20 MB SQL Database, select JavaScript runtime, then type a subdomain name for the new mobile service in the URL textbox.

Step 3: Specify database settings

In Name, type the name of the new database, then type Login name, which is the administrator login name for the new SQL Database server, type and confirm the password, and click the check button to complete the process.

Step 4. Create a new table technologies

Using the Azure Management portal create a new table. In the Data tab of Mobile Services click on create to create a new table. Here we have named our table technologies. You can also set insert, update, delete and read permissions for the table.

Step 4: Create Windows Phone App

Follow these steps to create a new Windows Phone 8.1 WinRT project.

  • Open Visual Studio 2013
  • Select Visual C# -> Windows Store->Windows Phone Apps
  • Select Blank App (XAML)

Step 5: Add a reference of the Windows Azure Mobile Services Managed Client to the project

Step 6: You need the key and application URL to work with Windows Azure Mobile Services.

Step 7: Then copy and paste the above code into your App.xaml.cs file

Step 8: Create an entity class as in the following

Step 9: Create global variables

Add global variables in MainPage.xaml.cs

Step 10: XAML Design Code

Step 11: Design in Phone Emulator

Step 13: Now write the following code to the Button_Click event

Step 14: Run the Program then Insert Value

Click save button. You may now check if the data was successfully inserted using your Azure portal.

Anbu Mani

I am doing MCA in Paavai Engineering College,Namakkal,Tamilnadu.I developed Windows Store apps,Windows Phone Apps and Create Web sits in Azure.I am also Microsoft Student Partner,U Crew Representative Windows 8 & 8.1, Member of Microsoft India’s App Review Board and recognized as distinguished member of Microsoft App Builders Club.

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