SQLite Database in Windows phone app – Part 3 (SQLite Exploration)

This is the third blog post of the series in which I am going to show you how to explore sqlite database stored in windows phone app.

If you have missed my last two blog posts you can refer to them from the links given below


SQLite Database in Windows phone app – Part 1 (Installation and Setup)

SQLite Database in Windows phone app – Part 2 (SQLite Operations)


Follow the steps given below


Step 1:
Download the IsoStoreSpy tool and SQLite Studio.


You can refer to the following blog post for downloading and setting up IsoStoreSpy tool.




For SQLite Studio you can refer to the following link




Step 2:
Now using isostorespy tool you can easily export it on your pc from local storage.



Pressing the following button as highlighted in the figure you can download the sqlite database from the windows phone local storage.


Step 3:
Open the downloaded database file using SQLite studio.



You can browse the contents of your database easily.



I hope this post will be helpful to you.

Chetan Gulati

Currently am doing B TECH in IT from Delhi Technological University. App development is my passion. Believe in quality rather than quantity.

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