Syncfusion SfColorPicker in Windows Phone 8

Syncfusion provides enterprise-class developer tools for free under their community license. This is going to be an introduction into their controls.

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The color picker control exposes color selection through a touch friendly interface. All settings including the RGB values can be manipulated purely using touch.

Step 1: Create a new Windows Phone project

Create a new Windows Phone 8.1 project using the Blank App(XAML) template.

Step 2: Add Reference to the Syncfusion dll

Right click on the name of the project in solution explorer and choose Add>Reference. From the dialog box that appears choose Syncfusion 8.1 controls for WP XAML and add it to your project. These references will enable you to use Syncfusion controls in your app.

Step 3: Add the namespace to your xaml page

Step 4: Add the following code to your xaml page

We added a TextBlock (txtTitle), two Color Picker controls (sfColorPickerPage & sfColorPickerText) one for changing the page background colour & one for changing TextBlock foreground colour and lastly another TextBlock (txtStatus) for displaying which Color Picker is active on the screen.

Step 5: Add the following code to your page code behind

Note: with the ConvertStringToColor method, make sure to use the Windows.UI namespace.

Download the full project’s source code for reference.
Download Syncfusion SfColorPicker

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