AppFeds: the Windows App Store search tool for users and developers

Microsoft’s Windows app store is experiencing an explosion in number of apps. According to VentureBeat, the number of apps on Windows store increased from 130,000 apps in December, 2013 to 187,000 apps in November, 2014. Thus, if you are Windows app user, you would be overwhelmed finding the best apps. Similarly, if you are a Windows app developer, you would find it very important to get app analytics and statistics for the purpose of making the most wanted apps. Whether you are the former or the latter, you will greatly benefit from using AppFeds with useful features as follows.


There are many useful features provided by AppFeds for Windows app users to take advantage of for free. For example, users can search and filter apps; see the most updated statistics on Windows store apps; track search terms; read app reviews, ratings and app rankings, and more.

Filter Apps

AppFeds contains easy-to-use features for filtering and searching for apps. You can search for the newest, cheapest, or trending apps in the app categories that you choose. My favorite feature is searching for apps with price drops. Who doesn’t like good deals? Admit it! You do, too.


Top List

Stay updated with the most current app ranks in Windows store. AppFeds provides the app rankings that are constantly updated on a daily basis. In addition to the app rankings, other information you can get from this chart are the changing of the apps’ rankings, the number of days the apps are in the top, and the peak rankings, along with their ratings and prices.




AppFeds provides the most current statistics on the Windows app store. Various important data such as the numbers of app in different categories, app market share, types of apps, and more are updated and provided for the US market.

App Rankings for Search Terms

If you are a Windows app developer, you can register for an account on AppFeds and have access to the Search Monitoring feature which allows you to track the app rankings for your search term. For example, if you search for the term “Youtube,” you will see which apps rank at which position for this term.

Why AppFeds?

The Windows store doesn’t provide the most user-friendly or customizable interface for users and developers to search, filter apps and get app analytics and statistics. That’s why AppFeds comes to the rescue. In addition, users can be assured with the reliability and scalability of the statistics provided by AppFeds, given the fact that 165,973 apps and 1,458,055 reviews are currently indexed from the Windows app store across the US market. AppFeds is even soon expanding its service to cover other markets worldwide. If you need to be more convinced, why not register an account for free and check out the service?

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