How to change the App name and Tile name of your Windows phone app

1. After opening your project you can go to the Solution explorer window given on the right hand side as shown below.




















2.  Choose the properties option in the list given in the solution explorer.













3. Then under the properties menu click on WMAppManifest.xml.

4. The following window will appear before you.

Note: The window displayed will be different for different versions of Visual Studio. The one displayed below is for Visual Studio 2012


5. Now you can see the Display Name option. It is the name of your windows phone app by which it will be known in the windows phone market. You can change it accordingly. By default the name of the project is the name of the app.

6. By using Tile Title option you can change the title of your application tile that will be pinned to start screen.


7.  I hope this post will be helpful to you.

Chetan Gulati

Currently am doing B TECH in IT from Delhi Technological University. App development is my passion. Believe in quality rather than quantity.

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