Adding app review reminder in Windows phone app without using rate my app toolkit

Reviews are key to your app achieving success.
High ratings in the Windows Phone Store encourage new users to download your app.
So there’s no harm in reminding your users to review your app.


I have just prepared a following code which can be useful to you and doesn’t require any toolkit or third party SDK.

So as to use it follow the certain steps given below


1. Add the following namespace given below in the MainPage.xaml.cs of the application or the Start page of the application.

  2. Add the following function in the MainPage.xaml.cs of your application.   For Windows 8/Windows 8.1 Silverlight  
For Windows 8.1(WinRT)/Universal app

The code is self-understandable. The only thing you need to do is to set the variable Appname in the code.

For Windows 8.1(WinRT) you need to add the App id also.


If you have any doubts you can refer to the following blog post.


3. Now call the following function in the constructor of the MainPage.xaml.cs.



When the user will open the app 4 time the following message will be shown to user.



If the user click on OK button the Review Page of Application will be shown to user.

If the user rejects the message and clicks on cancel button the same message will be shown to user 7 time. If then also he rejects the option the same process will be repeated in an interval of number 10 as written in the code. Once the user has rated the application the following message will not been shown to user.


Important Note:
When you are testing the application in debug state an error message will be shown to you when you click on ok button as shown below.



Until your application has passed the submission to be included in the store this error message will be shown to you.


Note: You can configure the interval according to your need. You can change if condition given in the review function code and set the interval according to your need.



For example I want to display this message in the interval of 5. I can change the If condition to as shown below.



I hope this post will be helpful to you. You can download the full project file from the link given below.

Download project file

You can also use ratemyapp toolkit for getting feedbacks from the user. The link of the blogpost is given below.

Adding app review and feedback reminder in Windows Phone 8 app using ratemyapp toolkit

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