Developer Unlock your Windows Phone 8 device

There are always some features which you feel like testing on your device. So, you could unlock your Windows Phone 8 device and deploy apps to it directly from Visual Studio. Windows Phone Developer Registration tool is a standalone application that gets installed with the Windows Phone SDK and can be used to register your phone for development.

To register your phone by using the Windows Phone Developer Registration Tool

  • Turn on your phone and unlock the phone screen.
  • On your phone, ensure that the date and time are correct.
  • Connect your phone to your computer by using the USB cable that came with your phone.
  • On your computer’s Start screen, switch to All apps view or else just search for it using smart search
  • Under Windows Phone SDK 8.0, click Windows Phone Developer Registration. The app starts, as shown in the following image.



Click on Windows Phone Developer Registration under Windows Phone SDK to start the registration process.



Verify that the Status message displays Identified Windows Phone 8 device. Click the Register button to unlock the phone. If your phone is already registered, the Status message indicates this and you see an Unregister button.



Click Register. In the Sign In dialog box for your Microsoft account (formerly known as a Windows Live ID), enter the email address and password for your Microsoft account. Click Sign In. If you’re a registered developer, be sure to use the Microsoft account associated with your developer account. After your phone is successfully registered, the Status message displays Congratulations! You have successfully unlocked your Windows Phone.

See this MSDN article if you are having trouble registering your device.

Note: After you unregister a phone, apps that you deployed no longer run because the app licenses are no longer valid.

To unregister your phone by using the Windows Phone Developer Registration tool

  • Connect your registered phone and run the Windows Phone Developer Registration tool as described in this topic.
  • Click Unregister in the tool.

To unregister your phone on Windows Phone Dev Center

  • In your web browser, browse to the Devices page for your Dev Center account.
  • Click the Remove link next to the phone that you want to unregister.

Note: If you get a IpOverUsbSvc error while registering the device then here’s how you could resolve the problem.

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