Making an App Catalog with ListBox for Windows Phone 8

All apps should include an about page as a way to engage with your users. If you’re part of DVLUP this is a basic requirement of most challenges. The about page should describe your app, you the author & include your contact details in case your users want to provide any feedback. Also it can be used to showcase your other apps. I earlier wrote an tutorial on using app catalog using Telerik Controls.

Making an App Catalog with Telerik RadControl Data Bound ListBox for Windows Phone 8

As the controls are not free, you all may not have access to it. In this tip I am providing you the source code of the project without using Telerik Controls. You can refer the previous post for the steps.


LioneL Chetty

Microsoft Student Partner at the Durban University of Technology. I privately build Windows Phone applications & blog about my learning experiences.

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