Get Nearby Places using FourSquare APIs in Windows Phone 8.1

You can use FourSquare’s public APIs to display a list of nearby places in your Windows Phone app. Here’s a quick tip on how to do it.

Step 1: Register your app on FourSquare

You will need to register your app and get a client ID and client secret before you can use any of its APIs. Register here.

Step 2: Define a class Venue to hold the JSON response

The Venue object returned has lots of information about any particular place. You can play around with and put it to many different uses. Here’s the whole RootObject returned by the venue API.

Step 3: Get the device’s Geo Coordinates

Next, use the Geolocator class in Windows Phone 8.1 to get device’s current location.

Step 4: Define a ListView to display nearby places

Define a simple ListView and add a TextBlock in its DataTemplate, binding it to name. To add to the fun, we have added a FourSquare logo in the list’s footer.

Step 5: Make a call to FourSquare’s Venues API

The getNearbyPlaces method makes a call to the venues API of Foursquare to return a JSON response containing a list of nearby places. Finally bind the result to the ListView.

Vivek Maskara

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