How to Scan an Image using Interop.WIA in a WPF app

This post shows how to scan an image using a scanner in a WPF app.

Step 1: Add a Reference to WIA dll

Firstly, you need a reference to Interop.WIA.dll in the project. Download the dll file from the following link.

Download Interop.WIA.dll

Once you have downloaded the dll file add a reference to it by right click on the project name and selecting Add > Reference.

Add a reference to Interop.WIA.dll

Step 2: Add the ScannerService class to the project

Here’s the complete code for the ScannerService class that you can directly include in your project.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using System.Windows;
using WIA;

namespace WPF_Example.Services
    public class ScannerService
        public static void Scan()
                CommonDialogClass commonDialogClass = new CommonDialogClass();
                Device scannerDevice = commonDialogClass.ShowSelectDevice(WiaDeviceType.ScannerDeviceType, false, false);
                if (scannerDevice != null)
                    Item scannnerItem = scannerDevice.Items[1];
                    AdjustScannerSettings(scannnerItem, 600, 0, 0, 1010, 620, 0, 0);
                    object scanResult = commonDialogClass.ShowTransfer(scannnerItem, WIA.FormatID.wiaFormatPNG, false);
                    if (scanResult != null)
                        ImageFile image = (ImageFile)scanResult;
                        SaveImageToJpgFile(image, Constants.ScannedImageLocation);
            catch (System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException)
                MessageBox.Show("Problem with scanning device. Please ensure that the scanner is properly connected and switched on", "Inweon Grain Management System");

        private static void AdjustScannerSettings(IItem scannnerItem, int scanResolutionDPI, int scanStartLeftPixel, int scanStartTopPixel,
            int scanWidthPixels, int scanHeightPixels, int brightnessPercents, int contrastPercents)
            const string WIA_HORIZONTAL_SCAN_RESOLUTION_DPI = "6147";
            const string WIA_VERTICAL_SCAN_RESOLUTION_DPI = "6148";
            const string WIA_HORIZONTAL_SCAN_START_PIXEL = "6149";
            const string WIA_VERTICAL_SCAN_START_PIXEL = "6150";
            const string WIA_HORIZONTAL_SCAN_SIZE_PIXELS = "6151";
            const string WIA_VERTICAL_SCAN_SIZE_PIXELS = "6152";
            const string WIA_SCAN_BRIGHTNESS_PERCENTS = "6154";
            const string WIA_SCAN_CONTRAST_PERCENTS = "6155";
            const string WIA_SCAN_BIT_DEPTH = "4104";
            SetWIAProperty(scannnerItem.Properties, WIA_HORIZONTAL_SCAN_RESOLUTION_DPI, scanResolutionDPI);
            SetWIAProperty(scannnerItem.Properties, WIA_VERTICAL_SCAN_RESOLUTION_DPI, scanResolutionDPI);
            SetWIAProperty(scannnerItem.Properties, WIA_HORIZONTAL_SCAN_START_PIXEL, scanStartLeftPixel);
            SetWIAProperty(scannnerItem.Properties, WIA_VERTICAL_SCAN_START_PIXEL, scanStartTopPixel);
            //SetWIAProperty(scannnerItem.Properties, WIA_SCAN_BIT_DEPTH, 48);
            SetWIAProperty(scannnerItem.Properties, WIA_SCAN_BRIGHTNESS_PERCENTS, brightnessPercents);
            SetWIAProperty(scannnerItem.Properties, WIA_SCAN_CONTRAST_PERCENTS, contrastPercents);

        private static void SetWIAProperty(IProperties properties, object propName, object propValue)
            Property prop = properties.get_Item(ref propName);
            prop.set_Value(ref propValue);

        private static void SaveImageToJpgFile(ImageFile image, string fileName)
            ImageProcess imgProcess = new ImageProcess();
            object convertFilter = "Convert";
            string convertFilterID = imgProcess.FilterInfos.get_Item(ref convertFilter).FilterID;
            imgProcess.Filters.Add(convertFilterID, 0);
            SetWIAProperty(imgProcess.Filters[imgProcess.Filters.Count].Properties, "FormatID", WIA.FormatID.wiaFormatJPEG);
            image = imgProcess.Apply(image);

Use the Scan function

To use ScannerService simply use the following code.


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